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The basis for a great suit is wool.  Wool has excellent attributes; among them, the ability to feel warm when is cold and cool when is hot. It can be shaped, stretched and repaired with ease. We offer a wide verity of wools including the darling of wools “worsteds” named after the town in England where many of the techniques in producing fine wool fabrics were originated.
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Wool is expensive to produce and process, it only represent about 5 percent of the world’s total fiber output. For thousands of years the production of wool has being re-defined to obtained a great material for suits and other garments. The industry grades   raw wool by measuring the fiber thickness after shearing. The measurements are performed with the use of a microscope and measurements are recorded in microns. The traditional method of grading wool fabric is by categories “Super 80’s to Super 200’s” The higher the number the finer the fiber.

The finer wool fabric is more expensive, but finer or higher graded wool does not always represent better performance in the real world. The finer wool maybe nice to the touch, but may not be practical for all uses. Issues like durability and wrinkles are frequent drawbacks. There are other factors to consider when choosing the grade of wool for your garment for example, the climate, the environment (indoor or outdoor) and your own microclimate.

OliverG Master Tailor can help you with these and any other questions you may have.